Tuesday, November 27, 2007


The different companies I am dealing with seem a little hit or miss. One sent me five catalogs in the mail with a welcome letter, another charged $15 and sent me a package of materials, and others didn't even lift a finger. Some gave me nice Excel database spreadsheets with all products listed complete, and others had half assed ones I had to manually update, and others don't have anything at all.

So, lets be honest here, why would I deal with a company that would make me manually enter 500 products by hand (6 hours), and the next company has a simple modify and upload to my server (15 minutes). Gee, which company do you think I'll be dealing with?

So far, I have a Game site mostly setup. I have Adult toys and lingerie coming soon. I also expect to do one for Tools as well. Once I finish setting up this first Site, the others should be little more than copying the website server files into a new folder and uploading different images and data.

I finally used OSCommerce Website. Configuring it was a pain in the PHP ass. Every bell and whistle had to be hand coded into it. However, now that it is mostly done, I really like the way it turned out. It's useful, looks good, and does everything I want it to.

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